Hi friends!

My name is Mary Carmen Miranda.  I’m Mexican.  I’m a Fitness, Nutrition and Health Blogger, ISSA Fitness Nutritionist, Health Coach, Healthy Lifestyle Motivator, Healthy Recipe Creator, NPC Bikini Competitor, and a FitFluential Ambassador. I’m sponsored by Dfine8 suppplements.

I have a Bachelors in Biology and studying my Masters to become a Registered Dietitian.  I’m also currently preparing to start my course to become a certified Personal Trainer.

I am highly involved in influencing and motivating people to transform their lives for a long-term change by eating clean and working out.  I highly believe in sharing your authentic self to motivate others and allow people to know your transformation story.  We all start somewhere and I look to inspire others that if I achieved my fitness and weight loss goals, they can also do it.

You have to be your own brand and be what you preach.  I believe in a healthy balance in gym, diet, personal life/development, and positive mindset for an overall well-being.

I transformed my body by losing 38 lbs from the start of my journey until I stepped on my 1st NPC Bikini Competition.  My biggest reason why I fell in love with Fitness and Nutrition is because they helped me overcome a devastating relationship breakup, depression, gain self-confidence, boost my self-esteem, heal my mild fibromyalgia, monitor my hyperthyroidism better, fight chronic stress and it helped me achieve the physique I always dreamed of.

Most importantly I found my calling and passion, which is Fitness and Nutrition. If I can influence and motivate one person daily, my job as a health coach and fitness nutritionist is done.

Be Grateful, Meal Prep, Eat, Sleep, Workout, Work on your Goals and Sleep.

Thank You for taking the time to visit  my blog


Mary C. Miranda.


Visit my social media for videos, recipes, workouts, and fitness motivation.

Instagram: Healthy_MC

Twitter: Healthy_MC

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HealthyFitMC



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