It is hard to find balance in life.  At any point in our lives we can go through experiences that make us lose balance.  For me, having balance is when I pay attention to my needs and do things that make me happy to the point I achieve inner peace and I genuinely feel happy.  I used to live a life full of stress and unhappiness. I didn’t know how to achieve inner peace and feel happy.  It got to the point that my stress was so chronic that my body was not able to handle it in a healthy way.  I started experiencing pain in my arms and legs.  I could describe the pain as fibromyalgia pain.  I’d go to the doctor to see why I was having pain and I honestly did not know it was due to stress.  I thought I had an illness, because out of nowhere I started having those pains.  Doctors didn’t have a diagnosis and they would prescribe Vicodin.  I did not want to be on narcotics, but they did help for a few hours.  I felt lost and hopeless.  I felt I had to live with that pain for the rest of my life.


I decided to do something about it.  I started focusing on what I wanted in life and what things could make me happy.  I desperately wanted to feel that inner peace and just wake up and smile for no reason.  Wake up and feel an overwhelm of happiness and gratefulness for life.  Enjoy the sunshine and just live in the present.

I started working out and eating clean.  Working out relieved the pain in my arms and legs and made me feel less depressed.  All those endorphins were my natural medicine.  I had already stopped taking Vicodin, but to be honest I rarely took it.  I refused to rely on narcotics and be dependent on prescribed medications.  I relied on pain ointments or Mexican pomades for muscular pain.  I then started journaling and working through my problems.  Dealing with deep pain through journaling was hard, but it eventually took weight off my shoulders.  I no longer focused on past and was letting go of my traumas.  I still felt uneasy and tense.  I hadn’t reached inner peace.  I started listening to guided meditations and this is what changed my life.  I had never done that in my life.  I felt such peace that I can’t describe it.  I felt calm and my mind started to get more clear and clear as days went by.  I felt fulfilled and that I could be finally happy.  More importantly I was mindful of the present moment.


I still feel getting overwhelmed whenever something would threaten to shift my routine and get me off track.  I get an anxiety because it took me so long to find this balance and find a solution to be pain free, that I don’t want to lose it.  Whenever I experience stress in my life, my pain is back but not the degree it used to be.   I then implement my action plan, meditate, yoga, journal, working out and I feel better.  I developed a routine and life that made me feel balanced and at peace.   I call my routine my “Action Plan for Healing” to cure my pain, find balance in my life and/or heal any difficult situation I might be experiencing.

Action Plan for Healing

  1. Workout
  2. Eat Clean.  Get rid of junk food, processed foods, sugars, alcohol.
  3. Sleep 7-8 hrs
  4. Supplement my body with correct vitamins and minerals
  5. Drink 1 gallon of water per day
  6. Journal
  7. Meditate
  8. Read self-help books
  9. Yoga
  10. Be Grateful
  11. Spend time with family
  12. Do a vision board of all the things you want in your life.




A few people started calling me selfish because all I care was about me.  But, you know what?  I had to become selfish to attend my needs.  I could not possibly make others happy or provide love if I didn’t feel good about myself.  I had to cut ties with many people for me to be able to achieve my goal of finding balance.  I could not possibly be in a relationship, because I kept getting off-balance.  I stated embracing that been selfish and putting me as a priority is completely healthy.  I can’t give someone my best self if I don’t feel good about myself.

Today, I follow my “Action Plan for Healing” and I enjoy each day to the fullest.  For some people, there are daily rituals they do to achieve success in life.  This makes us be in balance in our lives, thus having a more fulfilling life.  When you are happy with your life, you can make other people happy and spread your good energy.  You must take care of your body, mind and spirit in order to be the best version of yourself.  This is the only way you will attract positive and uplifting people into your life and great things will start happening in your life.  You must do the work daily and stay focused.  Heal your body, mind and spirit by following the steps I took.  They will help you change your life.

How do you find balance in your life?

How do you deal with staying on balance?

Do you think is a selfish act to put yourself as a priority?


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