Thank you for visiting my Blog!  As you know I compete in the NPC (National Physique Committee – USA).  My category is Bikini.  I did my first competition on July 5th 2014.  It was such an amazing experience, especially on the mental side.  Many people are not able to handle the prep life and diet.  It is mind draining at times, but this is where you learn to conquer your mind and master how mentally focused you can be.  It is not easy, but it is not hard.  It is a mind game.  Once you conquer your mind, you can conquer the world.

Click on the link below to view the official gallery of my pictures.  Pictures are provided by Muscular Development.

52569-mary-miranda-3_final 52569-mary-miranda-5_final 52569-mary-miranda-7_final 52569-mary-miranda-17_final 52569-mary-miranda-25_final

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