Why am I including this in my diet?  I’m trying to heal my digestive system & I will only eat Raw, unprocessed food items, whole foods and foods that are easier to digest, but are highly nutritious.

Raw honey is honey that is pure, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed.  The less processed foods you include in your diet the better for your digestive system!

Benefits for Raw Honey as a functional food:

  1. -Superfood
  2. -I Tablespoon = 60 Calories
  3. -Highest levels of Enzymes to help with digestion
  4. -High in Vitamins C, D, E and it has all the B-complex vitamins.
  5. -High in Minerals  iron, copper, manganese, chlorine, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, and magnesium.
  6. -High in antioxidants (phytonutrients)
  7. -It is high in sugar, so for people trying to lose weight consume in moderation.
  8. -It’s highly sweet, therefore not much would be need to sweeten your coffee or tea.
  9. -Raw honey mixed with ginger and lemon juices will relieve nausea and supply energy

For WEIGHT LOSS? Raw honey is helpful reducing weight.  To reduce sweet cravings eat Raw Honey with fruit as a snack.  For people who have excess fat, energy is obtained slowly as fats burn slowly. By eating raw honey, this process is speeded up as it causes rapid combustion, lowers appetite and consumes fats more readily.

Note:  if you are diabetic I do not recommend using Raw Honey unless you consult your Doctor.

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